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Drenjongke is a Trans-Himalayan language of the Bodish subgroup spoken in Sikkim. The language is also called Lhoke, Bhutia or Sikkimese. There are an estimated 80,000 speakers of Sikkimese Bhutia, Lhoke or Drenjongke. Based on negligible phonetic differences, real differences in the form of several morphological desinences and some lexical differences, Drenjongke can be divided into eastern, southern, northern and western dialects.

DrenjongkeはSikkimで話されているBodish下位グループに属するTrans-Himalayan言語であり、Lhoke, Bhutia、 Sikkimeseとも呼ばれる。 Sikkimese Bhutia, Lhoke 、 Drenjongkeの話者人口は約8万人である。ごくわずかな発音の違い、形態的屈折パタンや語彙に見られるいくつかの顕著な違いの観点から、 Drenjongkeは東部・南部・北部・西部方言に分けられる。

Original recordings for ICULD-0001 to ICULD-0007, and ICULD-0009 that are available upon request are in 16bit and 44.1KHz. [Audio Request Form] Materials of ICULD-0008 are downloadable for free.

ICULD ID Categories   Size Duration (approximate) Description Last modified

0001 Drenjongke_Syllabary    252.2 MB   30.6 minutes   Audio, Text   31.03.2020
0002 Drenjongke_Words    609.3 MB   63.5 minutes   Audio, Text   04.02.2020
0003 Drenjongke_WordsinFrameSentence    1300.1 MB   121.6 minutes   Audio, Text   23.12.2019
0004 Drenjongke_Vowels     249.9 MB   37.8 minutes   Audio, Text   02.12.2019
0005 Drenjongke_Fricatives     208.9 MB   21.6 minutes   Audio, Text   10.07.2020
0006 Drenjongke_VoicelessNasals    41.5 MB   7.18 minutes   Audio, Text   16.02.2020
0007 Drenjongke_Intonation    121.2 MB   22.3 minutes   Audio, Text   23.12.2019
0008 Drenjongke_NurseryRhymes    N/A     Text, Audio, Video, Sheet Music, Link to a Youtube channel   11.01.2020
0009 Drenjongke_Sounds    53.7 MB   10.12 minutes   Audio   05.08.2020

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