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This work was supported by Strategic Japanese-Swiss Science and Technology Programme of JSPS and SNSF.


This website was supported by a grant from Information Resources Center (IRC), Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
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当ウェブサイトに掲載されているすべての情報は、PhoPhoNo: Digital Archives プロジェクトメンバーおよび関係者が個別に著作権を有しています。 (CC BY-NC-ND)

Members of the Project

Japanese Team

Dr. Seunghun LEE, Principal Investigator
Associate Professor (Linguistics)
International Christian University, Japan

Dr. Tomoko MONOU, Post-doctoral Researcher
Mejiro University
International Christian University, Japan

Dr. Céleste GUILLEMOT, Post-doctoral Researcher
International Christian University, Japan

Swiss Team

Dr. George van DRIEM, Principal Investigator Professor (Linguistics)
University of Bern

Pascal GERBER, Project Assistant Ph.D. Scholar
University of Bern

Selin GROLLMANN, Project Assistant Ph.D. Scholar
University of Bern

Expert Consultants

Dr. Jeremy PERKINS (Aizu, 2017.2-2020.1)
Dr. Julián VILLEGAS (Aizu, 2017.2-2020.1)
Dr. Fuminobu NISHIDA (Tohoku, 2018.4-2020.1)


Audrey LAI (2019.7-2020.3)
Yuk Ki BALDORIA WU (2019.9-2020.3)
Hannah LEE (2019.9-2020.3)

Local Resource Coordinators (Drenjongke)

Dr. Kunzang NAMGYAL (NBDD College, 2017.7-2020.1)
Mr. Jigmee Wangchuk BHUTIA (Visva-Bharati U, 2018.11-2020.1)
Mrs. Tenzing YOUDEN(HRDD, 2018.11-2020.1)

External Consultants

Dr. Shigeto KAWAHARA (Keio, 2018.4-2020.1)

Also served as an expert consultant (2017.2-2018.3)

Project Research Assistants

Hanna KAJI (2017.2-2018.3)
Haruka TADA (2017.2-2018.3)
Siril TRONSETH (2018.4-6)
Sarah M. FLANAGAN (2018.4-6) [ICU & OSU]
Yui KASAHARA(2018.4-6)
Yuki TAKAGI(2018.9-2019.3)
Kazuki KATO (2018/9-2019.3)
Akari SEKIGUCHI (2018.9-2019.3)
Machi NIIYA (2018.12-2019.3)
Kotone SATO (2019.4-10)
Michinori SUZUKI (2019.4-2020.1)
Honoka ASAI (2019.4-2020.1)
Mana ASHIDA (2019.4-2020.1)
Le Xuan CHAN (2019.9-2020.1)
Audrey LAI (2019.4-2020.1)

Post-doc Researchers

Jiwak Raj BAJRACHARYA (2017.2-8)
Dr. Hyun Kyung HWANG (2017.3 - 2018.5)

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