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Project Description

The research project "Phonetics, Phonology and New Orthographies in Roman and Indigenous Script: Helping Native Language Communities in the Himalayas (PhoPhoNO)" aims to conduct phonological research on three Trans-Himalayan languages, namely the Drenjongke language of Sikkim and two Tamang lects, and to develop orthographies for each of these languages. PhoPhoNO represents a joint project between the University of Bern in Switzerland and International Christian University of Japan and will embody a new approach to the documentation and description of linguistic structures, by combining the expertise and competence of scholars working in different domains and allowing more in-depth research. The linguists in Bern and in Tokyo will use their expertise to help three native language communities in the Himalayas. Link to PhoPhoNO Grant Website: [LINK]

The International Christian University Language Databse (ICULD) Archive offers high quality multi-speaker data. This is including but not exclusive to:

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This work was supported by Strategic Japanese-Swiss Science and Technology Programme of JSPS and SNSF.


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